Space topic

Lesson: Science

Class: Reception Year: 2015-2016

We had a wonderful time learning about space during the first half of the spring term.  We had our very own space station and moon rocks to build with.  We watched Tim Peake blast off into space and watched many amazing videos he recorded from the ISS. We especially liked the water ping pong!  One little girl in FS2H was lucky enough to receive a tweet from Tim Peake himself!  WOW!

On the 29th January we were all amazed when we saw video footage of a U.F.O landing in our playground.  We all went out to investigate and Mrs Bond was dressed in protective gear to retrieve whatever the aliens had left behind.  We found an egg! We watched over the egg and looked after it, but then one day it disappeared.  Soon after, we received a letter from Mama and Papa alien informing us that they had taken the egg back, that they didn’t mean to frighten us but wanted to say thank you for looking after their egg.  They also shared their good news, that the egg had hatched and a baby alien had been born.  They sent us a photograph of the baby alien and some love heart sweets as a thank you.