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On behalf of staff and governors, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to The Federation of St Mary’s Catholic Schools.  We look forward to meeting your child and hope this will be an inspiring and very successful time for them. We are a ‘Hard Federation’ of two successful schools; St Mary’s Catholic Infant School and St Mary’s Catholic Junior School. 

The schools within our  federation have long, strong and proud histories of serving the Parishes of St Mary’s, St David’s and St Patrick’s and each has their own unique identity.  Now operating together as one organisation, with one Governing Body and an Executive Headteacher, we are best placed to offer our children the highest possible standard of 21st Century teaching and learning. Our schools are situated in close proximity to each other and staff and children have opportunities to work across the two sites.

Our Federation prides itself on providing a welcoming, friendly and caring family environment within which children can flourish. We seek to stimulate the love of learning in our children so that they want to learn for themselves and achieve to the very best of their abilities.  Every child is valued as an individual and encouraged to ‘be the best you can be’ where they are happy, well cared for and most importantly, where they care about each other. Together with parents and the parish, our school prepares children to learn and grow in the Catholic Faith.  The beliefs and principles of the Catholic Church are endorsed, not only by Religious Education, but also by encouragement, support and example of our community with the Federation. Our aim is to hand on our catholic ethos to the children, so that it becomes a way of life.

Mrs Rebecca Dean 

Executive Headteacher

What People Are Saying...

"School engages with parents and lets them know how your child is progressing."
"Good teaching ethics making children enjoy and want to go to school."
"Newsletter is really informative and gives a good insight into school activities and encourages parents to be part of the community."