In September 2012 Archbishop Patrick Kelly changed the order of the Sacrament of Initiation to Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion. Since that time parishes have been using the With You Always family catechesis programme to support parents in passing on their Catholic faith to their children. This is because parents are the first and best educators in the ways of faith.

When your child begins Year 4 you will have the opportunity to join the programme. As a parent and/or carer you are invited to come along to the sessions and work alongside your child in their preparations. The sessions are held at the Junior school hall, on a Wednesday every month from September. 

Please click on the link below and watch the new video clip which explains a little more about the process and might answer some of your initial questions.


Dates of Sessions 2018/19

As you may know the way we are delivering our With You Always sessions have changed this year. We will be holding the sessions in school with the children and the resources will be sent out after the session for you to go throught with your child. 

All sessions to take place after school between 3:30 – 4:30. Session will be ran by Mrs Bryant and Mrs Parry, Miss McCormack will help at a session should Mrs Parry not be able to attend.

With You Always dates 2018-19

Wednesday 19th September

Session 1

Please note this session will take place during school time.

Monday 15th October

Session 2

Tuesday 16th October

Session 2

Monday 19th November

Session 3

Tuesday 20th November

Session 3

Wednesday 5th December 6pm at St Patrick’s


Monday 21st January

Session 4

Tuesday 22nd January

Session 4

Monday 25th February

Session 5

Tuesday 26th February

Session 5

Monday 18th March

Session 6

Tuesday 19th March

Session 6

Monday 29th April

Session 7

Tuesday 30th April

Session 7

Saturday 18th May 10:30 St Patrick’s

First Holy Communion

Wednesday 22nd May

May Procession