Maths Workshop, session 3

Lesson: Maths

Class: Reception Year: 2015-2016

Today (22.03.16) was the last of our maths workshops.  We looked at the the Shape, Space and Measure topic.

The children worked with their parents on a variety of activities such as:

  • making repeated patterns with the penguins
  • balancing scales and discussing heavy/light/same/balance
  • Using the clock to play 'What time is it Mr Wolf'
  • Capacity - filling containers with coloured water or cups with scoops of sand
  • And lots, lots more!

Parents have enjoyed coming into school and working with their child, some of their comments are below;

'Really enjoyed coming into school and being part of the school activities'.

'Each session had something interesting to learn'.

Enjoyed 'spending time in school with my child, leaning about what they are learning in school and ways to help them at home'.


Thank you to all who attended.

Miss McGovern and Miss Hart enjoyed it too, and seeing you all come to work with your child, made all the hard work worth while.

Until the next time!  Bye for now.