Fun in the Snow

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Nursery Year: 2017 - 2018

Nursery children and staff were very excited when the snow began to fall.  

We spent time inside discussing what was happening, what we knew already about the snow and most importantly how we could stay safe in the snow.  

We had lots of really good ideas and we knew how important it was to keep warm and how to stay safe when outside.   

We wrapped ourselves up lovely and warm and listened carefully to our teachers about how we needed to behave and where we could go in the snow.   

Once outside, we had another surprise, Layla and Bruce had left their sledges for us to use.   

We all had great fun in the snow.  Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Bowes gave us tides down the hill on the sledges.  We had to hold on tight.  

It was great fun.  

We even watched some of our teachers having a ride on the sledges too.