Forest Schools - Come and See topic - Growing

Lesson: Religious education

Class: Nursery Year: 2015-2016

We had a fantastic time with Miss Edge at the Junior school for our amazing Forest School experience.  We listened to a story about Jack and the Beanstalk, then we found a letter from the giant!  Our challenges were to measure using the giant’s footprints to see what was longer or shorter than his footprint.  Our other challenge was to create a beanstalk along the ground.  The children really enjoyed this challenge and gathered big sticks and logs. We learned the forest school rules for carrying sticks; ‘If it is bigger than you (child) it needs two’, ‘If it is bigger than me (Miss Edge) it needs three’.  When carrying the sticks we had to shout “Big stick coming through!” (Please see the website for some photographs).  We then listened to a further story about a giant baby, then had lots of fun playing hide and seek before walking back to the infant site.

We would like to thank the adults who joined us and helped us to get to and from each site safely and a special thank you to Miss Edge for organising such an amazing session for us all. 

Lots of fun was had by all.