Dewa Roman Experience in Chester

Lesson: History

Class: Year 4 Year: 2017 - 2018

Y4 had a wonderful time in Chester on Wednesday 1st November 2017.  We went to the Dewa Roman Experience to celebrate the end of our Roman topic: ‘Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?’

We had lots of fun in the museum, we learned that only the Roman soldiers could go to the hospital and about the treatments they received.  We also learned about their diet, accommodation and  bathing/toileting habits. 

The second part of the trip included a patrol, led by a Legionnaire in full costume.  We carried shields and visited the Roman garden and amphitheatre.  We saw a gladiator battle and decided the fate of the two brave warriors. We also learned the Latin names for the sword and shield (Gladius and Scutum).  As we marched back to the museum we chanted in Latin “Left, Left, Left, Right, Left”, we said “sin, sin, sin, dex, sin.”  (The Latin for left and right is ‘dextra ac sinistra).

 It was a fabulous way to end our topic.  Many thanks to the staff and volunteers who accompanied us on our trip.  We had an amazing time.