Anglo Saxons

Date: 1st Mar 2016 @ 2:48pm

What did they eat and drink?

By Ethan A, Maisy B, Amelia M, Charlotte H and Ruby N

The Anglo Saxons would use barley to make wheat beer to drink instead of water. They ate cooked meat and chicken.

They grew wheat, barley and oats for making bread and porridge.  The stew they had included meat, leeks, sticks, stinging nettles and acorns.

They also grew fruit and vegetables, like carrots, parsnips and apples.  They kept pigs, sheep and cattle for meat, wool and milk.

They used honey to sweeten their food, as they did not have sugar.

The Anglo-Saxons did not let anything go to waste.

What were their settlements like?

By Matthew E, Gabriella J, Charley –Jo W, Freya C and Jake M

The Anglo Saxons lived in small villages and kept clear of Romans.

The Anglo-Saxons did not like the stone houses and streets left by the Romans, so they built their own, out of straw, horse poo and mud.

They built their settlements with the door facing the South, to get the most heat, throughout the day.

They surrounded each village with a high fence to protect their cattle from wild animals.

They also made these to keep their enemies away too.

Where did they settle in England?

By Oliver L, Aliyah W, Reece S, Thomas M and Joseph Z

They settled in England, near the seas and rivers so that it was easier to get to by boat. The 5 main Anglo Saxon kingdoms were Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Kent and Anglia. They settled in England because it was a rich land.

The Anglo-Saxons did not settle in Wales, Cornwall or Scotland.

Who were the Anglo-Saxons and where did they come from?

By Ryan C, Isobel B, Ellis D, Davide S and Georgia M

The Anglo Saxons came from Denmark and Germany to Britain. Some of them settled while others started to fight for land. The Anglo Saxons were warrior farmers. In an Anglo Saxon family they all shared 1 home; babies to older people.

The Angles, Saxons and the Jutes invaded Britain after the Romans left.  They came across the North sea in wooden boats, from what is now Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.


Year 4 will be blogging about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings this term. We will be exploring life in these times and our learning journey throughout this topic.

Miss McCormack, Mr Follin, Mrs Garner and Miss Langley



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Did you know the Anglo Saxons where people from Germanic tribes who came to our island from europe.

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I'm delighted that you are learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. How do we know about what life was like during these times? Were Vikings really vicious? Look forward to finding out

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