This year Spanish is being taught to all pupils from Reception to Year 6. We teach the four skills of language learning: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. In addition, we include aspects of Spanish culture into our lessons in order to put the language learning into context and allow pupils to develop an awareness of other cultures.

The children learn through games, songs and videos with some basic grammar explained through language progression. Cognate recognition is important and the children are encouraged to find the similarities between English and Spanish, and therefore workout meaning.

We started the autumn term by learning simple greetings, questions, numbers and colours. All pupils are covering similar topics, however we do encourage the older pupils to stretch their knowledge and develop what we have learnt in class. All pupils have been learning about colours although in years 5 and 6 we are encouraging pupils to use sentences and opinions to say what colours they like and use connectives to develop their language skills even further.

Over the coming weeks leading up to Christmas we will be focussing on celebrations and looking at the differences in how we celebrate - We will also be developing the use of Target Language and classroom instructions in order to allow children to follow basic instructions in Spanish and become used to understanding being spoken to in another language in preparation for High School, where teachers regularly instruct students in the Target Language.

In the Spring and Summer terms we will move on to cover topics ranging from food, animals, weather, holidays and continuing to look at Spanish culture and the geography of Spain and Spanish speaking countries.

There are many songs on Youtube where simple language is reinforced. You can also search "Canciones infantiles" to help pupils sing in Spanish and develop confidence with pronunciation.

  1. games and practice go to and enter the keywords easy spanish.


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