Mission Statement

As the family of Jesus, we learn and love together.

United in our faith in Jesus, our school family will love, nurture and inspire every child to reach their potential.

Our Aims and Objectives




‘Life is a promise, fulfil it’ 
(St Theresa of Calcutta)

We are a community of faith.
Love one another, as I love you.’
Our faith in Christ is at the heart of all we do.
We will help children to understand and know the gospel values taken from the beatitudes.
We will strive to develop closer links with our three parishes.
We will support parents in their role as the first educators in the faith of their children.
We will celebrate and pray together, in school, in church and in our homes.

‘It is only the way we love and serve, that we truly witness to the Christ who served and invites us to do likewise.’
(Archbishop Oscar Romero)

We are a family.
We will strive to be welcoming.
We will work hard to ensure that all children feel valued and wanted.
We will foster tolerance, harmony and peace.
We will value positive home, school links.
We will build a stronger unity between our schools.
We will be actively involved in our local community.

‘If you are, what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze.’
(St Catherine of Sienna)

All things grow in love
We will ensure that all our children see school as a place of enjoyment and enthusiasm.
We will invest in everybody.
We seek a commitment from all staff, parents and children to strive for the best.
We have high expectations for all our children.
We will strive for outstanding.
Religious Education is our core subject.
We will develop the whole child
We will seek challenges and opportunities for all our children.