Gospel Assemblies

29th September

Are you right to be angry?

In this weeks gospel, from Matthew 20:1-16, we see Jesus tell a story of a vineyard owner, who pays all his workers the same amount of money, even though some of them only start work late in the day. This shows that God is generous to everyone.


May the generosity of God inspire us,
the justice of God encourage us,
and may the way God does things
enable us to see the bigger picture
and not get too angry too soon.



22nd September 2017

Am I in the place of God?

In this weeks gospel, from Matthew 18:21-35, we see Jesus tell his disciples a story to explain the importance of forgiveness. He says that we should forgive people not seven times but seventy seven times.


May we never be afraid
to ask for forgiveness,
may we always try to forgive others,
and may the love of God
be our strength, day by day.



15th September 2017

Living together well

In this weeks gospel, from Matthew 18:15-20, we see how Jesus teaches his disciples about how to deal with conflict and restore positive relationships within the church community. He says that where two or three people are gathered in his name, he will be with them.


May our words bring others together,
may our actions inspire others to live well,
and may we know the love and friendship
of Jesus, as we journey through the week,

with our family and friends.