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The Federation of St Mary’s Catholic Schools is committed to providing a fair and open admission system that offers a competitively priced and good value service.

Our aim is to provide children who attend our schools, from reception through to year 6, with a caring and nurturing environment, one which enables them to grow.

Our mission is to offer high quality affordable childcare within a safe and stimulating child-centred play environment where children can experience a sense of value, ownership and belonging, ensuring parents have peace of mind knowing that their children are being cared for in a safe environment.

Both Breakfast and After-school clubs encourage a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating in addition to promoting social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

We encourage the children to develop a sense of fairness, fun and respect, showing courtesy for each other and adults alike.

Arrivals and Departures


The Federation of St Mary’s Catholic Schools Breakfast & After-school club recognise that the safe arrival and departure of the children in our care is paramount.

We will ensure that an accurate record is kept of all children in the Club, and that any arrivals or departures are recorded in the register. The register is kept in an accessible location on the premises at all times. In addition we conduct regular headcounts during the session


Escorting children to & from the Club


St Mary’s have a clear agreement concerning the transfer of responsibility for children’s safety.

We have risk assessed the route used to escort children from both school sites and review it regularly.

Both the Infant & Junior schools keep an identical register of children who require escorting between locations which is updated daily.


Our staff will greet each child warmly on their arrival at the Club and will record the child’s attendance in the daily register straightaway, including the time of arrival. 


Staff will ensure that they, parents or carers sign children out before they leave, including the time of collection.

Children can only be collected by an adult who has been authorised to collect them on their registration form.

The child’s parents or carers must inform the school in advance if someone who is not listed on the registration form is to collect the child. Parents will be contacted for confirmation if a member of staff has any concerns regarding departures. 

Please see our Arrivals & Departures statement for further details.

Emergency Contacts

Parents are requested to provide two emergency contacts.

Parents must inform the school in writing of any change to your child’s emergency contacts details.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club begins at 7.45am. Children will have access to several activities to keep them entertained until the start of school.

A healthy breakfast will be served with a choice of cereal and milk, toast and toppings, crumpets, pancakes & bagels, fruit, yoghurt, fruit juice, milk or water.

At the start of the school day children will be taken either to their junior school class or safely to the Infant school building.

After School Club

The After School Club begins each day at 3.30pm.  Infant children will be escorted safely to the junior school by members of staff. Junior children will be collected from class by a member of staff.

 A wide range of stimulating play and learning activities are on offer, which include art & crafts, board games, sports, imaginative and creative play as well as the opportunity for quiet play. Children also have the opportunity to complete homework in a quiet area if they wish. Outdoor play is actively encouraged, weather permitting. 

The children are offered a choice of healthy snacks and drinks at snack time. We call this a ‘finger food tea’. This is sufficient to keep the children going but not recommended to replace their main evening meal.



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