Junior Eco Schools

St Mary's has been part of the Eco-Schools programme for over 15 years and have previously held 5 green flags for their work on environmental education. Over the last few years, we have not focused on this area as much as we could have - that has now dramatically changed! We have a new dynamic committee and we are focused on our work to make St Mary's a Green Flag school again! We did it we have been awarded the GREEN FLAG again.

Our inital findings in school during the environmental review showed us that the three main areas we needed to work on were:

Energy - reduding the amount of electricity used in school

Healthy Living - introduction of daily mile across school

Bio-diversity - looking at the different species within the school environment


We have worked on these areas taking part in 'Switch off Fortnight', being ambassadors for the area on Daily mile and adding more bug houses to the school woodland.


Our school curriculum has also been adapted to ensure that there are now more links to eco-schools including work on marine - pollution of water and bio-diversity - looking at eco-systems.

Our ECO CODE is very important to us and this year the team worked hard together to develop the code for the school.

During lockdown we did not just forgetn about eco-schools we  shared the weekly eco-schools 'at home' documents for the children to contonue to work hard to preserve their environment. You will find them in the downloads.

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