At St. Mary's, Computing is an important part of the curriculum. It provides many opportunties to enhance the teaching and learning within other areas of the curriculum, whilst providing skills important for future stages of the children's lives. 

At St. Mary's, Computing is taught with a cross curricular approach and children enjoy developing their skills whilst making use of the Computing equipment that is available to them. We are fortunate enough to enjoy using an ICT Suite on both the Infant and Junior sites; iPads are available as well as various computer programming devices, including Micro-bits.

To support the teaching of the Computing curriculum, particularly programming, we use the Rising Stars Switched on Computing Scheme. As the children's skills and interests are developing, the computing scheme has been supplemented with some alternative activities. To teach the other areas of the Computing Curriculum (including publishing, multimedia, images, data handling) teachers incorporate this into their teaching of other subjects. 

E-safety is taught regularly throughout the year, to have a proactive and responsive approach as opportunities arise, through PSHE and during the week that includes Safer Internet Day. Messages about the safe and responsible use of technology, including the internet, are often shared with the children. 

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