Collective Worship

Monday 7th December

What happens in the wilderness... 

Mark 1:1-8 

Mark introduces his story of the life of Jesus as ‘good news’. But before getting to the content of that good news, he presents John, a messenger sent to prepare the way, who baptizes people in the wilderness.



Monday 30th November

Waiting in the dark 

Mark 13:24-37

Jesus speaks of coming dark days when people be close to loosing hope. He urges them therefore to stay awake to signs that offer hope of the coming deliverance, which will certainly come, through an unexpected time.



Monday 23rd November

King of compassion 

Matthew 25:31-46

In a dramatic image, a king separates people into two camps on the basis of how they behaved towards vulnerable people: did they act with compassion towards them, or not?


Monday 16th November

Coming, ready or not

1 Thessalonians 5.1-11

‘Peace and security’ in this dark world can be hard to find. But those who anticipate the day of the Lord, and already live in the light of the risen Christ, have faith, hope and love as a strong defence against all that seeks to destroy them.


Monday 9th November


 1 Thessalonians 4.13-18

The letter responds to the community’s concern that some have died before the Lord’s return. But those who believe that Jesus died and rose again have nothing to fear. Both those who have died and those who are alive will be with him for ever.

Monday 2nd November 

Beg, encourage, urge 

1 Thessalonians 2.9-13

Paul and his companions had supported themselves in Thessalonica, working blamelessly alongside those with whom they shared the good news. Their deeds were consistent with their words. Now the Thessalonians, like Paul, are leading lives worthy of God, whose Word is at work in them.


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